The Numbers Game.

Just back from a three day visit to London to work with the Three Nations Dementia Working Group. I was totally stressed out before I got to London simply because of numbers. First of all I had to ring my phone provider to report my phone missing. This involved typing in various numbers which I kept getting wrong and had to keep trying, lost count even though I can’t count of the number of times I had to do it. Then I had to copy ticket retrieval numbers into my note book to go down to the station. When we got to the station it was a nightmare. I couldn’t transfer the numbers that were written in the notebook to the keyboard and the machine kept telling me to start again. Eventually got in right but the train was in and I only just made it.

Memo to self. Go to the station and book advance tickets with the wonderful helpful counter staff at Stoke. Memo to self. Remember to do that. Are you beginning to see the problem?

It was lovely to be in London with the members of the Three Nations Dementia Working group and to meet the two new  new members and carers. Meeting for drinks before dinner Matt Murray and Rheinhard Goss had dropped into see us just to say ‘Hello.’ and big hugs. It’s typical of the Alzheimer’s Society and the Dementia world that these indicators of the real bond between people living with Dementia and the different professionals are so genuine.

Two productive working days but some conflict and I don’t handle conflict well, even when I am not personally involved so I was feeling very very shaky by the time I got on the train home. Arrived at Stoke and Paul was not there to meet me and of course I still have no phone to be able to contact him, and couldn’t remember the number so that someone else could do it, After a wait of an hour and a half I had lost it completely and was just sitting there crying not knowing who or what I was waiting for. Enter two guardian angels, teachers from a school in Stockton Brook who got me some water , sat with me until I was calm and able to answer some questions. I was still wearing my 3 nation badge and one of my guardian angels told me her mum had dementia and it would be all right because it always got sorted out. Then a miracle happened I REMEMBERED A NUMBER. Angel said lets just try it and in a very short time my night in shining armour arrived – angels and knights in the same evening!  Oldest son Paul who has a very memorable land line number that I never need to look up. The taxi driver who collected him from his home only charged for the journey from Stoke Station not the pick up from Wolstanton and the trip to Stoke – because His mum had Dementia. The kindness of strangers can be overwhelming.

Before I knew it I was tucked up on the sofa at Paul’s house with a drink and some chocolate and he was laying the law down about what had to be done for the future. I love it when my sons get masterful !!!!!!

All part of Life’s rich tapestry. Good to be home with own bed, own husband and own dog.


2 thoughts on “The Numbers Game.

  1. Shelagh! You cope with the big things magnificently. It’s the little ones and the details that flummox you. So pleased that it all worked out. might be worth writing a few phone numbers down and carrying them with you in a little book. If you need help, we would come!


  2. Remembering to remember sounds so straightforward doesn’t it… 🙂


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