What on earth are Fizzy Hammers

When my beautiful grand-daughter Daisy was 4 she couldn’t quite manage Alzheimer’s so she said that ‘Nanny has Fizzy Hammers’
We think it a much friendlier and more descriptive name than Alzheimer’s so in our family – Yes I have Fizzy Hammers. My Quaker meeting use it too, so if I am a bit confused I will get a hug and be told, ‘Don’t worry it’s just fizzy hammers’ Have a cup of coffee and a chocolate biscuit.
Just been downstairs to the communal lounge at Lea Court for the weekly Thursday Coffee Morning. Sat for a while with my lovely Lillian who also has Fizzy Hammers but is farther along in the progress of the disease than I am. She is a Geordie and as her illness progresses she is reverting to the broader accent of her childhood. I’m learning some lovely new phrases from her. Lillian is also losing some inhibition and from being the gentlest sweetest lady she will tell people she thinks are talking to much either to me or her husband John to ‘Shut your Gob’ Suspect my loss of inhibition will be even worse when it comes, for a peaceful Quaker I have a fine vocabulary of silent swear words. Wait ’til the barriers come down.

1 thought on “What on earth are Fizzy Hammers

  1. Hello Shelagh. Tru here. very much enjoying the new word “Fizzy-Hammers” 😀


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