Not loving it a bit today,

Well I have spent the afternoon trying to ‘ learn’ this site. Lost my first post, had terrible trouble even getting back onto the site and already wondering if I can hack it.
Nevertheless here I am;- eight years into a dementia diagnosis five hours into deciding to write a blog.So why when there are lot of similar posts on line am I starting another? Because ‘ when you have seen one person with Dementia you have seen one person with Dementia’ each one of us is different. And this is my story, my struggle, my triumphs my pain but a lot of my laughter.
So what can you expect? Lots of campaigning, the occasional gin drinking, a pinch of Manchester United, a touch of Shakespeare a look at Quakerism and how my faith helps me and anything that catches my interest during the day.
What do I hope to achieve – a true picture of what it is really like to live with Dementia, new friends, contact and comments from new people, people living with Dementia who might be interested in the new Three Nations Dementia Steering Group, a group supported by but not part of the Alzheimer’s Society that has big plans to engage with other people living with Dementia and work on really needed work.I warn you that since having Dementia I have become – or perhaps always was Mrs Malaprop. remember her:
The woman from Regency theatre who said the wrong words all the time. The other day I was making a speech and was talking about the books where you have to find the little figure of Wally amongst hundreds of others. |The problem was I said Where’s Willy? Still sure you want to go on reading me?
See you soon – I hope.

1 thought on “Not loving it a bit today,

  1. Hello Shelagh. Tru here. So glad to see a new blogger, and i will add your blogsite to the matrix and my page !! šŸ˜€


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